Holland Sail. Sailing on traditional sailing ships in the Netherlands.
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Sailing together on the IJssel Lake & Wadden Sea
for individuals, families and small groups

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Sailing together on Lake IJssel and the Wadden Sea

Let's sail together!

  • Book only a bed of cabin
    Holland Sail offers sailing together tours for individuals and small groups such as families, friends and couples. By sharing the ship with others you can book only a bed or cabin instead of the whole ship. 
  • Suitable for everyone
    It is not necessary to have sailing experience in order to join one of the sailing together tours. Also for children in all ages, sailing is an amazing experience. There is always a skipper and sailor on board, whenever you feel like it you can help them or you can just relax and enjoy the view. 
  • Departure guaranteed
    Enjoy pure sailing pleasure on Lake IJssel and the Wadden Sea on a klipper or tjalk during the weekend, midweek or week of sailing. Holland Sail guarantees the departure. So easily book a bed or cabin and sail along!

Sailing2Gether is part of Holland Sail. All sailing together tours are executed by the ships in the fleet of Holland Sail. Find a complete overview of the sailing trips on the website sailing2gether.nl. Unfortunately there are no English translations available yet. For futher information you can also contact us directly. 

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