Holland Sail. Sailing on traditional sailing ships in the Netherlands.
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Sailing the IJsselmeer,
Waddenzee and the Lakes of Friesland

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The Holland Sail fleet

The fleet consists of 28 privately owned traditional sailing vessels, like tjalks or clippers that have sailed the Dutch waters for over a century.

The ships in our fleet make port in the towns of Enkhuizen, Harlingen and Muiden. You can recognize them by the flying colours of Holland Sail (purple, of course). There's a variety of the faster clippers or traditional tjalks - a dutch type of barge with a flat bottom instead of a keel. Each ship has a unique layout allowing for a different numbers to stay on board. Nearly all of our ships have huts, making them suitable for staying on board days or weeks. 

  • Our sailing boats meet high safety standards. 
  • People of all ages are welcome, including young children. 
  • Everyone can volunteer on deck. The skipper and mate provide instructions and clear explanations so everyone can participate.
  • Guests don't need experience, everyone is welcome aboard.

Our experienced staff would be delighted to welcome you on deck and offer you a Dutch sailing trip - we daresay: an experience for life. 

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