Holland Sail. Sailing on traditional sailing ships in the Netherlands.
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Holland Sail is a co/operation of Dutch shipowners with its own booking agency. We rent out traditional sailing ships that sail in the Netherlands on the IJsselmeer, the Waddenzee and the Lakes of Friesland.

Holland Sail was established in spring 2009. The owners decided that if they were to co-operate and form their own not-for-profit booking agency, this would benefit their fleet of traditional sailing ships as well as their customers.

These days, the Holland Sail fleet consists of 28 traditional ships that sail the Dutch waters, hailing from the ports of Enkhuizen, Harlingen and sometimes other ports connected to the former Zuiderzee. Our office is in Enkhuizen, where a small but efficient shore crew takes care of the daily goings-on. 

Quality charter ships

Sailing is a tricky trade, as the tradition shows well, mastered by years of instruction and experience. It takes more than just knowing how to hoist the sails and navigate the waters. Our skippers have the experience, know-how and skill to take care of their ships. The owners and skippers invest in the upkeep and upgrades of their traditional barges and clippers as much as in their hospitality. 

This way, they provide our guests with the safety, quality and comfort that are the Holland Sail standard. These key points have been appreciated by thousands of guests. 

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