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Sailing is teambuilding!

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Teambuilding sailing

Hoist the sails and boost the teamspirit!

  • If a team works well togather, better results will be achieved. 
  • Boost the motivation and productivity of your employees. 
  • Switch roles and see what happens to the usually more quiet collegue when he/she takes the lead or the manager when he gets directions from others. 

Why sailing?
Sailing is definitely a group activity, since no sailing ship can be moved by only one person. It only does when everyone cooperates in the right way. The skipper wil explain all the tasks that need to be executed. Prior sailing experience is not required so everyone can help. 

By working together in a completely different setting people will get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere.  Our traditional sailing ships are a perfect place to sort out matters, no one can leave the ship once it is outside the harbor. Of course there is also a fun side to this teambuilding activity, everyone is included and it is just realy nice to be on the water and enjoy the view. 
In case the group is big enough that more ships are required it is possible to organize a sailing completition.  

Professional coaching
Our experienced staff will make sure you will have a successfull teambuilding event. The skippers and boatsmen on our ships gained their experience from years of sailing with many grousp with various group dynamics and know how to coach everyone. Next to our staff it is also possible to hire a dedicated group or communication trainer. 

You can organize the teambuilding event according to your own wishes. Overnight stays are possible as well arranged catering. Just let us know what you would like and we gladly send you a non obligatory offer. 

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