Holland Sail. Sailing on traditional sailing ships in the Netherlands.
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Meeting venue on the water
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Business meeting on a sailing ship

A sailing ship is a perfect location for meetings, especially when you need a private place.

  • Organize a meeting on a quiet location 
    In stead of having a meeting or brainstorm session at the office, get on board and enjoy the quiet and private surroundings of a sailing ship. Concentrate on the matters at hand and don't be interupted by phonecalls or collegues walking into your office. 
  • Get energized
    Whenever the concentration starts fading, get outside with your group in order to hoist the sails together. Enjoy the wind, water and beautiful nature of The Netherlands. Surely new ideas will then come to mind and one can procede with the meeting. The skipper and boatsman are always on board so during the meeting they will concern themselves with setting sail such that you have nothing to worry about. (Sailing during or after your meeting is optional! It is also possible to let the skipper sail while you have your meeting or the ship can stay in the harbor.)
  • Customized  program 
    You can plan the day as wish. Sail for a while and drop the anker on Lake IJssel or the Wadden Sea, or go ashore for a small trip. The sailing ship can also lay in one of the harbors. You can discuss the route and your wishes with the skipper. 
  • Stay overnight & Catering
    In case you have an extensive programm it is also possible to remain on the sailing ship and stay overnight with your guests for one or more night. Continue the next day with your programm or return home the following morning after breakfast. 
    During your stay catering can be arranged, we offer several catering options.  
  • Presentation tools
    A meeting, brainstorm session, training or presentation never go without presention tools. In case you necessary we are happy to provide you with for example a beamer, screen and flipover. 

Please let us know what your wishes are and we will send you a customized non obligatory offer.
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