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Cooking on board

Cooking for a large group is fun but not as easy as you might think. So cook together with a cook or be indulged by the cook.

For schools it is a great option to cook togther with a cook. Therefor we offer a special catering option: Fock. This option consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Next to this it offers several adventages:

  • No need to do the groceries.  
  • No need to take utensils with you, the kitchen on board will have all you need. 
  • Pay only € 20,- per person per day and servicecosts for the cook.  
  • The cook has extensive experience with cooking for (and with) large groups. So no need to worry about quantity, preparation and timing. 
  • Everyone can help while the cook organizes everything. 
  • Are there people in the group with special diets? No problem, just inform us and the cook maks sure that there is food for everyone. 

In addition to the Fock option it is possible to order extra groceries and take your own food with you. The Fock option does nog provide in snacks, so it is ok to bring these yourself. 

Cooking yourself
You don't need a cook? That is also ok, just bring your own groceries or use our groceries service and prepare your own meals. 

We also offer complete catering for your group. The cook will be on board and prepare delicious meals. In this case, you can choose from several catering options and add ons. It is also possible to combine those options and Fock option with addons such as a barbecue on the ship.

In case you are interested in catering (also for Fock) tick the catering box in the offer and will send you a suitable offer.

If you choose the Fock option, enjoy a relaxing sailing tour with everyone having fun and delicious meals!

Catering options