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In order to have a carefree sailing tour Holland Sail offers, in cooperation with The European Insurances a total insurance packages. 


  • (Group) Cancellation insurance
    Due to inforeseen events it could happen that one is unable to attend the trip or that the trip need sto be cut short. With this insurance some costs may be refunded. 
  • Travel insurance
    In case some have no private travel insurance, this can be covered via Holland Sail. The insurance will cover a.o. help in case of an emergency, accident, sickness and bagage loss. Find more details in the brochure. 
  • Combination package (Group travel cancellation + sailing coverage)
    In case the travel party party consists of more than 10 persons it is possible to make use of this package. 
The costs of the sailing coverage and the cancellation insurance are based on the total travel costs. It is also possible to include the costs bus and catering to the travel costs. 
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Tick the box for insurances in the request a quote form. We strive to send you a customized offer within a day. Choose the insurances from the offer upon confirmation of the booking.