Holland Sail. Sailing on traditional sailing ships in the Netherlands.
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Drinks are not included in the catering prices and with some catering options, the cost for drinks will be charged afterwards. Underneath documents provide information regarding prices and ways in which drinks can be ordered.
There are four ways to organize drinks during your sailing trip:

  • Bring along
    It is allowed to buy drinks yourself and bring them on board.
  • Order list
    Fill out the drinks order list and Holland Sail will make sure the drinks are on board before departure. 
  • Afterwards
    A standard inventory of drinks will be available on board, that can be complemented with specific requests. Drinks as much as you want, the skipper will afterwards calculate how much your group drank. You will be charged accordingly after your trip. 
  • Fixed price
    Pay a fixed price for the drinks for the duration of your sailing tour for your group. You can pour drinks as much as you want, Holland Sail will provide you with a nice collection of (non) alcoholic drink. 
Beer tap on board
Some of our sailing barges have a beertap on board. Find further information and prices in underneath documents. Please take the next aspects into account: 
  • Order the beertap up front and pay the skipper.
  • Please do not bring beer in bottles/crates on board of the ships that have a beertap.
  • In case you bring your a barrel, you will be charged for making use of the beertap and carbonic. 
Aegir Belgian Aegir beer
Breesant Upon request
Eensgezindheid   Heineken, Grolsch, Steenbergen, Veltins
Fortuna Grolsch, upon request
Grote Beer Grolsch
La Bohème Amstel, Grolsch, Veltins 
Morgana Grolsch, Cateringbeer
Novel Grolsch
Panta Rhei Grolsch 
Strijd Upon request
Vertrouwen H Upon request
Verwondering Upon request
Zeemeeuw Grolsch 
Zuid Holland Grolsch 
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