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Food & drinks

Is self-catering on board an option?

Yes, it is. You can use the galley yourself. There are plenty of pans, dishes and utensils at your disposal. Read more about cooking.

Is it possible to have arranged catering?

It is. We can offer several catering options. When requesting a quote, simply tick the 'catering'-box and we'll be sure to include catering options in our offer. 

Catering does require a cook to be on board in order to prepare your on-board meals for you. In the case of most of our ships, one cabin will be reserved for the cook. Please take this into account when picking out a ship suitable for your party.

More information can be found here

What does the grocery delivery service entail?

We can arrange for groceries that you'll need on board to be delivered before departure. If you make use of this service, you won't need to worry about going to the supermarket before embarking. 

Several weeks before departure, we will send you a package of departure information. This includes a grocery list. Simply fill out the list and return it. Your groceries will be on board before departure. If you find that additional groceries are needed while sailing, there's always a shop or supermarket in one of the harbour towns. Read more about the groceries service

Will the ship´s crew eat along with the passengers?

Generally, this will be the case. The skipper and boatsmen appreciate a good connection with the passengers, so dinner on board is usually a shared activity. If for some reason you would prefer otherwise, please inform the skipper.

Who cleans the ship?

At the end of your trip, the ship has to be cleaned and left behind the way it was upon boarding. You can choose to either clean the ship with your group (cleaning material will be available) or you can pay to outsource the cleaning. In some cases, this is included in the price beforehand. Read more about cleaning.